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Mums are vibrant with fall colors! Whether planted in mass, in containers, or mixed with other fall bedding, the garden Mum is a hardy staple to any fall landscape. Easy and carefree – no pinching or deadheading required. 

Pickup will be Saturday, Sept 30, 2017 - 9AM to Noon - from the following 6 depots:

  • 403 Orchard Crest Circle, New Market, MD - Depot Manager, Robyn Coccia, Phone: (301) 471-8298.
  • 1403 Tuffed Moss Ct Crofton, MD - Depot Manager, Alexandra Eggleston, Phone: (954)830-4506.
  • 1403 Saybrooke Court, Pasadena, MD - Depot Manager, Tony Davenport, Phone: (410) 255-6872.
  • 5964 Sandy Ridge Road, Elkridge, MD - Depot Manager, Lisa Hume, Phone: (410) 371-8291.
  • One Tredway Road, White Marsh, MD - Depot Manager, Emery Coccia, Phone: (443) 564-7010.
  • Octavia’s Boutique, The Village of Cross Keys, 94 Village Square, Baltimore, MD - Depot Manager, Betsy Wendwell: Phone: (410) 323-3066.

If you want to place an order for pick-up from multiple depots please place separate orders. One depot per order.


Growing Tips

  • Plant in full or partial sun, ideally getting at least 6 hours of sunlight per day.
  • The more shade the mums get the later they will flower.
  • Mums will grow in a wide range of soil as long as the soil is free-draining.
  • Mature mum plants can be planted at any desired spacing as long as they do not touch their neighbor.
  • Mums should never be allowed to wilt, check on them every other day until you are familiar with their watering needs

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